By Skyhawk Along the Pacific - Day 7

July 20, 2017 7:40 PM | Michael Brown (Administrator)

Today's flight followed the Pacific Coast from KONP Newport, Oregon, down to KCCR Concord, California.

Day 7 of my trip started out grey and dreary, with low clouds in Newport, OR. While the skies were clear in inland Oregon, there was no way to get over the Coastal Range to where the weather was better. By 9:30 the ceilings were up to 3,400 feet at Newport, and over 1,500 feet all the way down the Oregon coast, so I set out.

I stayed under the clouds and just off shore for about 45 minutes.

As I flew further south, the ceiling dropped a bit and it started to drizzle. Then there was a break which let me get on top of the cloud layer at 5,500 feet. I followed the (unseen) coast until, finally, the clouds broke at the California Coastal Range.

The weather was clear all the  rest of the way. I crossed the Coastal Range at 0Q5 - Shelter Cove, California - and turned eastward.

A few miles further down coast, I angled inland toward Ukiah, then down the valley.

Eventually, my destination of KCCR - Concord, California - came into sight across Suisun Bay, a tidal estuary which is connected to San Francisco Bay.  KCCR is just visible at the upper right-hand corner of the picture.

Concord is a very busy airport. They had trainers doing touch-and-go's on the parallel 19 Right and 19 Left, and as I crossed the bay I was told to report a five-mile final for 19R. The frequency was so busy that my first few calls got stepped on, but at three miles out I got a word in edgewise and was cleared to land, number three. A short taxi afterward, 493 was tied down on the ramp at Sterling, one of the three FBOs at KCCR.

I'll be here for a couple of days with cousins, and then I'll be off again on Sunday morning to start the leg to Colorado.

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