Commercial Pilot Training (Single Engine)

After mastering VFR as a private pilot and flying IFR in the clouds, the commercial pilot certificate is the next step toward a career as a professional pilot. Ironically, this training takes you back to the basics and is an "eyes outside" kind of training, while improving your overall skills and tightening down headings and altitudes. This course hones the private pilot skills to a commercial level of precision. You will discover new value in the maneuvers you flew as a private pilot student and will add new 3D maneuvers such as Chandelles and Eights on Pylons. After flying the past 40 or so hours only on instruments, one major challenge will be getting the eyes outside again and controlling by visual references. Also, the small and gentle control pressures we stressed in instrument flying are now set aside and you are trained to be more forceful in making the aircraft fly the profiles you want. The important end result is to fly well in all attitudes with grace and coordination. 

This program utilizes the Jeppesen Professional Pilot Curriculum. This is the second half of the book most people initially acquired for the instrument course. The course will expand upon the basic principles and understanding you gained as a private pilot. You will learn more detailed performance and systems information and carefully study the aircraft you will be flying.  

This training can be flown exclusively in the Mooney or in a combination of Skyhawk and Mooney. The recent FAA regulation changes mean you no longer need to take the checkride in a complex aircraft, but you still need 10 hours of training in a complex aircraft (or TAA)

Many pilots need to build up some cross-country and night solo time to qualify for the commercial. The two-hour day/two-hour night dual can be lots of fun, as seen in this trip to Cleveland video and this trip to JFK blog post. We know you are ready when all the experience requirements are met and you can dead stick the aircraft onto a pre-determined spot on the runway within 200 feet.

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