By Skyhawk to the Pacific - and back!

August 03, 2017 10:15 PM | Michael Brown (Administrator)

I'm home, and as much as I enjoyed my trip, it's great to be back. I left Bloomington, Illinois (KBMI) at 7:30AM, and was on the ground in Ithaca around 2:30PM.

Today's flight was smooth and pleasant. The weather at Bloomington when I took off at 7:30 was clear but hazy. I climbed up to 7,500 feet to get over the haze and into to cooler air.

The Illinois countryside, with an oval development to match the round one from yesterday's pictures.

I stopped for fuel at Akron-Canton Airport (KCAK) in Ohio. It turned out to be a big day for the Football Hall of Fame, and the airport was very busy - lucky I didn't need a rental car, as there were none to be had. Half an hour or so to top off the tanks, and back in the air.

As I left KCAK, the clouds became more defined, if widely scattered. Bases were around 4,500 feet, and the tops were generally around 9,000, with some towering peaks well over that. I climbed up to 9,500 (the new ignition system really seems to help with climbs) and steered through the valleys, avoiding the higher peaks. You seldom get much of a feel for your speed when you're flying, so having clouds to watch is kind of fun.

While the predicted afternoon thunderstorms had made their appearance by the time I reached Bradford, PA. I descended to 4,200 feet to stay under the clouds, so I could see any precipitation and avoid any I couldn't see through. As it turned out, there was a clear corridor between the storms right along my route, and the ADS-B display once again came in handy in confirming the clear route.

I landed at Ithaca around 2:30. The only scary moment of the day was trying to remember where I'd put the keys to the hangar and my car once I'd landed at Ithaca (they were in the glovebox of the Cessna, I discovered after I'd emptied out my bags).

My house rabbit, Natasha Rabbitova, seems to have forgiven me for my absence, and all's well with the world. Now, where to fly next...

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