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  • EAA811 March meeting - Decision making under stress, a talk by Larry Baum

EAA811 March meeting - Decision making under stress, a talk by Larry Baum

  • March 28, 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 72 Brown Road, Airport Administration Building - Red Brick

Larry Baum will be talking about a challenge he faced in the Aerostar twin climbing out of 19,000 feet when a prop ran away (went to dangerously high RPM).  This required immediate and continued action and it also required making several longer term strategic decisions.  Larry faced and coped with a dangerous situation in which a wide array of decisions would impact successful outcome of the flight.

As an experienced pilot, Larry has also taken a lot of time reflecting on this issue along with his actions.  He has also come to some surprising conclusions, you will want to hear them.  Also, since this will be an interactive discussion, you will want to share in this adventure as it unfolds and see what decisions you would have made.

The feedback cycle of reviewing a flight along with your actions is critical to growth and staying sharp as a pilot; this process is evident in Larry's coverage of the situation.  


  • We will meet at the Airport Administration Building (red brick building just east of Taughannock) at 7pm sharp.  
  • 7-7:30 - Young Eagles planning and EAA811 planning will be discussed
  • 7:30 Larry will outline the scenario then open the discussion to questions about the situation including the conditions and the aircraft.  
  • Next he will outline his feelings and his initial reactions then ask for audience participation in how to cope with this issue.  
  • Larry will cover coping with an emergency or critical issue in terms of:
    • flying the plane
    • triage
    • managing systems
    • passengers
    • keeping your head in the game
    • dealing with ATC
    • thinking ahead.  
  • Lastly the discussion will turn to his post incident thought process including alternatives, potential dangers and what he has concluded.


This is an important safety discussion that will be engaging for students, new pilots and for experienced pilots alike.  

This EAA Chapter 811 meeting is also an open invitation to members of the Flying Club.  It is a good opportunity for Club members to learn more about EAA and what our chapter has planned for the year.

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