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Young Eagles with Girl Scouts

  • May 13, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • East Hill Flying Club, 62 Brown Rd, Ithaca NY 14850

On May 13th, the East Hill Flying Club and local EAA chapter 811 welcome local Girl Scout Cadettes who will be working to earn an Aviation badge. The badge sessions will run in the morning (9:00-noonish), and the EAA will be running a Young Eagles flight rally for them in the afternoon. 

We are looking for members who can help in the morning with stations for the badges and/or in the afternoon with registering and escorting our Young Eagles out to planes and answering their questions.

If you can help, please check in with EAA811 President Jack Thompson Jmt248@cornell.edu. Even if you can help for just one hour, that would be great.

More details about the morning (badge) event: 

The Girl Scout Cadettes have to complete six of the following to earn their badge:

  1. Learn about the types of airplanes and how airplanes fly
  2. Learn about important women in aviation history. Do a brief biography on one of them to share with others.
  3. Make a list of at least ten different jobs that are involved in air transportation. Find out more about 2 of the jobs.
  4. Learn about civil air patrol and its goals. How do you join CAP? Is there a Civil Air Patrol in your community?
  5. How do hot air balloons fly? What does it take to become a balloon pilot?
  6. What does it take to become an airline pilot? Learn about this career and how you can become a pilot. What jobs are available in your community?
  7. Air traffic controllers guide air travel around the world. Lean about the tools they use and the information that they provide to pilots.
  8. Maintenance and repairs are important to the military. How are women involved in aviation in the military?
  9. Airplanes are important in the military. How are women involved in aviation in the military?
  10. Explore alternative energy sources that planes use such as non powered flight – soaring, experimental aircraft, roto craft and others.
  11. How do weight and balance affect airplanes? Learn how pilots measure airplane capacity and how many passengers and baggage their plane can carry. What can they do to compensate for weight?
  12. Maps are important to air travel. Use the internet to access a sectional chart or aviation map and learn how to read these. What information do they provide?
  13. How does weather affect flying? List 5 weather conditions that can challenge or stop air travel
  14. Helicopters are very useful. What make a helicopter fly? Name 5 uses for helicopters.
  15. What characteristics does an airport have? Visit several local airports and note their differences and similarities.

We’ll probably split the group into three and set up three concurrent sessions for badge requirements with a 20 minute rotation. We’ll switch off the requirements after all of the groups have been to the three, and that will let us provide nine of the fifteen requirements in the three-hour session.

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