ICAO Flight Plan fields for EHFC aircraft

Updated 2023-06-04
7 Aircraft Identification Type of Aircraft Wake Turbulence Category 10 Equipment 10 /Survelliance 18 Other Information
N97266 C172 L SBGR /EB2 PBN/B2C2D2O2 SUR/260B CODE/AD8E5C
N53045 C172 L SBGR /EB2 PBN/B2C2D2O2 SUR/260B CODE/A6B36F
N66230 C172 L SBGR /EB2 PBN/B2C2D2O2 SUR/260B CODE/A8BE81
N25028 C152 L SG /CU1 SUR/282B CODE/A25A3D
N6230Q C152 L V /CU1 SUR/282B CODE/A823C9
N5246Q C152 L SBGR /EB2 PBN/B2C2D2O2 SUR/260B CODE/A69B03
N88079 CH7A (not 7ECA) L V /C
  • All RNP1 (S1) approaches in the U.S. require authorization at this time, so S1 is omitted from all PBN sections.
  • Oceanic (A1,L1) is omitted from all PBN sections.
  • Garmin GTN650Xi and GNS430W can do A1,B2,C2,D2,L1,O2,S1 (see above notes regarding A1,L1, and S1).
  • Garmin GPS155XL (N25028) can do B2,S1 however N25028's installation is VFR only, so no PBN information is included.
  • Garmin GNC250XL (N6230Q) is VFR only and can not do RNAV/RNP.
  • Garmin GTX345 (N747CF, N97266, N53045, N66230, N5246Q) is 1090/Extended Squitter in & out, but only 978/UAT in.
  • Garmin GDL82 (N25028, N6230Q) is 978/UAT out only.
  • Portable receivers such as Stratus do not change any of these fields. They are not considered part of the aircraft.

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