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By Skyhawk to the Pacific - Day 2 - Mackinac Island to... Oshkosh?

July 12, 2017 9:17 PM | Michael Brown (Administrator)

Yes, Oshkosh, not Fargo. Oh well, it's one of my long-distance trips. What did you expect?

A line of heavy rain went through this morning, leaving low ceilings behind all along our planned route. Every airport was IFR between Mackinac Island and Fargo, and predicted to remain so all day. But, there appeared to be a route of clearer skies further south, if we could only get down there. Finally, the clouds lifted enough at Mackinac Island for us to take off, and we followed the Lake Michigan shoreline about 500-800 feet above the water.

It proved to be no problem to stay under the clouds, and so we did. While we were heading westward we had a great tailwind, and we were seeing ground speeds of 135 knots - but then as we turned southward, the tailwind became a headwind, and ground speed dropped to 83 knots. Such is the reality of flying...

This is at Seul Choix Bay in Michigan, where they seem to have a whole lot of sand or gravel to load into big ships...

 Before too long. the clouds broke enough for us to get up on top.

At that point we headed straight for Oshkosh, and by the time we got to Menominee there were just widely scattered clouds around. Flying down Green Bay, we passed over Chambers Island, where the pointy eastern tip makes interesting patterns in the water.

At the end of Green Bay is, not surprisingly, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For the Green Bay Packers in the club, here's their Lambeau Field stadium:

A weir on the Fox River in Green Bay forms a reservoir for a park:

Two and a half hours after leaving Mackinac Island, we were on final for Runway 27 at KOSH - Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

We taxied over to the Hilton Garden Hotel's private ramp and tied down. Unfortunately, they'd sold their last room while we were flying down, but the desk clerk was nice enough to find us one across the street, so everything worked out well.

We've spent the afternoon touring the EAA Aviation Museum at Oshkosh.

The hangars at Pioneer Field were open, so we started there. This is a Swallow - you can buy a ride in it, most days.

This Bugatti racer was one of a kind. It never flew, as the Germans occupied Paris before it could be tested. Amazingly, the prototype survived the war, and is now in the EAA museum. A flying replica was made recently, but was destroyed in a crash in 2016

A collection of prototypes of the popular RV series of homebuilt aircraft, including the prototype RV-1

An AirCam hangs in the museum. Through the windows you can see the hangars at Pioneer Field, across the grass runway. — at EAA Aviation Museum.

If you would like to see more pictures, I've been posting many more to my Facebook page.

There are severe thunderstorm warnings for tonight, but we hope for better weather tomorrow. With any luck we'll be able to get to Havre City and be back on our flight plan. We'll see how that works.


  • July 12, 2017 9:45 PM | Larry Baum
    Seeing a very quiet Rwy 27 at KOSH is amazing. At Airventure, there are the typically a plane or planes in front of us landing, planes behind us, also landing, and hundreds or thousands of planes parked on either side of the runway in the "North 40"! Need to get back to KOSH to see everything in a "non Airventure" state.
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